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Charles Marcus applies the accounting principles used successfully by multinational corporations to the finances of globally mobile professionals. There are opportunities available from working in one country for a client in another country. First choose your country of residence. 

Charles Marcus focuses on individuals who live and work away from their home country. Residence planning depends on the differences between the regulations of different tax jurisdictions when arriving, departing or resting in between. There are legitimate planning opportunities.
Director - Geoffrey Willies
+44 20 7637 3800
Director - Suzanne Sanders
CTA, FMAAT, ATT (Fellow)
+44 20 7637 3800
Charles Marcus Ltd has been providing tax and accounting services to entrepreneurs since 1985.  Advice is available on all aspects relevant to taxation in UK.
"Charles Marcus Ltd develop innovative solutions in response to changes in the regulatory environment"
Geoffrey Willies
CEO, Charles Marcus